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OpenClassify is a modular and most advanced open source classified platform with Laravel. It is 100% open source. Thanks to its modular structure, every developer can expand it.

Openclassify has CMS built in. Pyrocms, which is Laravel based and open source CMS, is used.

Openclassify is a revolutionary platform that allows anyone with little or no knowledge of website design to create their own market website in less than two minutes.

Start using the best platform to create a marketplace website right now! They will be installed and delivered in a very short time by the Iyisoft technical team. If you wish, you can develop your marketplace and ad platform with additional modules and add-ons.

OpenClassify, which has a new feature every day, continues to be developed.

For detailed information, please visit our product pages. You can also request information from destek@iyisoft.com.tr.

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